Tidal is a full-service natural gas and renewable natural gas marketing company. We have a diverse portfolio of customers across multiple regions including producers, end users, utilities, and power plants.


Tidal is a customer focused marketing and trading company with a broad natural gas and renewable natural gas footprint across North America.

Our goal is to build strong relationships by providing superior service and creating value through management and optimization opportunities, including:

  • Producer Services
  • Transportation Management and Optimization
  • Storage
  • Asset Management Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Synthetic Options
  • Structured Products
  • Renewable Natural Gas Management Services
  • Environmental Attribute Management Services

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Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas Marketing Team

Lana Poole

Senior Vice President, Natural Gas and Power, Marketing & Trading

Perry Chen

Manager, Natural Gas Trading

Dave Read

Manager, Natural Gas Scheduling

Kyle Carroll

Director, West Origination, Natural Gas

Martin D’Sa

Senior Trader, Natural Gas East

Kirk Lundell

Natural Gas Scheduler

Andrew Massicotte

Director, East Origination, Natural Gas

Daine Smith

Senior Trader, Natural Gas East

Jennifer Ryan

Natural Gas Scheduler

Kevin Nicholson

Trader, Natural Gas West

Keith Chan

Natural Gas Scheduler



Padan MacRae

Marketing Advisor, Natural Gas & RNG