In the United States, Tidal US is also a full-service crude oil, condensate and NGL marketing company that operates in the Bakken, Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent, and Gulf Coast regions.

Tank farm

Crude Marketing

Tidal US establishes strong business relationships through providing superior customer service and offering competitive pricing. To support both upstream and downstream marketing efforts, Tidal US has secured strategic infrastructure to provide logistical solutions for our customers.

Tidal US maintains storage and pipeline capacity on strategic assets and market locations across the United States. These assets provide access to multiple refining complexes as well as key delivery hubs.

Tidal US is also positioned as an exporter of export crude oil at multiple locations in the Gulf Coast.

Transport truck


Tidal US is committed to offering producers competitive options through their Lease Purchasing Business. We offer unique marketing solutions and work with customers to identify opportunities to maximize netbacks for producers.

We maintain a network of midstream locations to gather crude into pipelines in the Bakken area. As well, we ship onto long-haul pipelines into both the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford region. Our marketing presence across North America supports and complements our Lease Business.

Find our Map and list of Terminals here.

Crude Oil US Marketing and Lease Team

Steve Freshour

Senior Vice President, Crude Oil Marketing & Trading

Mark Haig

Director, Crude Oil Marketing & Trading

Lisa Meyer

Manager, Crude Oil Marketing Operations

Kent Berry

Vice President, Crude Oil Marketing & Trading

Drew Becker

Manager, Crude Oil Marketing & Trading

Mitch Herman

Senior Crude Oil Marketing Operations



Kenneth Vincent

Manager, Crude Oil Marketing & Trading

Laurel Bolt

Crude Oil Marketing & Trading



Mike Dio

Crude Oil Marketing & Trading

Jake Revere

Crude Oil Marketing Scheduler